Strategy and Competitive Advantages

IMC‘s Purpose - Create enchantment and joy through a unique and wonderful gastronomic experience.

This purpose is based on three key elements:

To meet this purpose, we have established a strategy. The foundation of our strategy was built taking into account our businesses by brand, segment, geography, category and format, and it is based on four focal points:

In order to thus become a more focused, simpler and healthier company with a growing productivity, while creating an delightful experience to our customers in each of our restaurants. It is important to note that everything we do is based on the principles of the food culture (food safety, quality and innovation), and on the principles of high governance and reputation, focusing on satisfying the customer, our guest.

We also work based on the basic principles that guide the execution of our strategy:

The execution of our strategy is divided into three phases:

The Company also stands out because of its clear competitive advantages: